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0001467Enderal[All Projects] Scriptpublic2019-04-15 18:51
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Summary0001467: Impossible to move
DescriptionI saved my game during a dialogue and when I came back I was unable to move.
I can turn my camera at 90° on both sides but my character's body won't follow. Same in the meditate room.
I can't recall/scroll neither because I'm inside a building.
I tryed no clip mode but doesn't work.
It happened during the "Word of the Dead" quest inside the Aged Man's Manor after the servant went to sleep. I do think I'm stuck because of the chair I sat on and tryed to no clip it aswell.
My last saves are hours away from this point and even if I can move when loading them I don't want to do it all over again.

Thank you for helping.
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2019-04-15 17:20


20190415191824_1.jpg (462,031 bytes)


2019-04-15 18:20

administrator   ~0002752

Have you tried reloading an earlier save prior to the dialogue? During which Dialogue exactly did you save? Please attach a save before the bug occurred and one save where you are stuck. Saves always consist off two files: .ess and .skse file, they are located in Documents\My Games\Enderal\saves\


2019-04-15 18:48

reporter   ~0002753

Yes I did and there was no problem.
I saved right after the servant left the room and closed the doors.

(The "Save 2" is the old one)

quicksave.ess (3,628,384 bytes)
quicksave.skse (6,107 bytes)
Save 2 - Avenge Undercity Dust Pit 11.44.14.ess (3,419,610 bytes)
Save 2 - Avenge Undercity Dust Pit 11.44.14.skse (5,362 bytes)


2019-04-15 18:50

administrator   ~0002754

Then continue with the previous save, I don't know if that's even fixable (most likely not).


2019-04-15 18:51

administrator   ~0002755

And I see that you seem to only have like 2 or 3 or 4 different saves, I highly recommend creating a new save every now or then to avoid such situations.

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