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0001464Enderal[All Projects] Questpublic2019-04-14 15:15
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Summary0001464: Dark chambers of our mind broken quest
DescriptionAfter entering the "Heart Room" the NPC named "Brother Hate" is set to "busy", Tharael is not interacting and the door where the quest mark is pointing at it's firmly shut and no interaction prompt pops up when faced.

Already tryed reloading just before entering the room the first time but no luck.
Also used all autosave slots.
Steps To ReproduceEntered "Lower Floors", killed NPC "Jespar Dal'Varek", sacrificed NPC "Zar'Ah", killed new spawned mobs from ranged stance, moved to "Heart Room".
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duplicate of 0000768 closedstuemper Dark chambers of our minds 



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Known issue. Duplicate. Closed.

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