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0001463Enderal[All Projects] Dialogue/Localizationpublic2019-05-30 02:06
ReporterutopiumAssigned ToCaleb8980 
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Summary0001463: Minor text correction in note
DescriptionSee attached screenshot and save file. Came across a note wall wandering the whisperwood that could use minor correcting:

"I'm sitting here and try to understand, if I should understand the contents of this bag aspitiable or ridiculing."

That sentence could use a little bit of rewording since it doesn't make much sense plus as far as I can tell "aspitiable" isn't a word in the English language so not sure if that is a translation issue or spelling mistake.
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2019-04-14 00:15


aspitable.ess (4,622,286 bytes)
aspitable.skse (5,182 bytes)
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ScreenShot0.jpg (161,551 bytes)

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