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0001376Enderal[All Projects] Scriptpublic2019-04-19 18:40
ReporterUnedjisAssigned Tostuemper 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001376: Build Mode: Placeable Ceramic Amphora (High) not working
DescriptionWhen trying to place the Ceramic Amphora (High), an error message pops up telling me that it is not a placeable item. The item then just floats in the room as a static. As a side effect, this seems to break the build mode box for that house.
Steps To Reproduce1) Buy or find Blueprint for the Ceramic Amphora (High)
2) Enter a Build Mode area
3) Drop the item from inventory
4) Profit!
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2019-03-25 00:48

administrator   ~0002593

Fixed in the next patch

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