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0001315Enderal[All Projects] Crashpublic2019-03-25 06:25
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Summary0001315: Crash / Launching game

Idownload the game in febuary on steam. I can run the launcher but when I start the game, it's not possible. I have a windows error missive or an another failure window ( I put a screenshot). I try to reinstall 3 times and there is no change. I reinstall skyrim for trying but no change again. I looking for a solution in the web, I find nothing.

Thanks for your help
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2019-03-18 18:41


enderal crash.JPG (2,688,921 bytes)


2019-03-25 06:25

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I googled a bit and this seems to be a Steam error message which gets displayed when background programs interfere with the game (could be anything from anti-virus programs to drivers or recording programs).
Check out their support page:

This is no bug related to Enderal. Closed.

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