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0001307Enderal[All Projects] Dialogue/Localizationpublic2019-12-01 00:45
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Summary0001307: Can tell Tharael about The Cleansing before you know about it
DescriptionIf you save Tharael from suicide and than talk with him back at your house, than the dialog option to tell him about The Cleansing is open even if you haven't progressed far enough into the main questline to know about it yourself.
Steps To ReproduceSave Tharael at the end of the quest "DARK CHAMBERS OF OUR MIND" while also having not progressed very far in the main quest, and than talk with him back at the player home. It will be the option furthest down.

Alternatively, use the attached save file and simply go up to him.
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has duplicate 0001645 closed Charakter weiƟ zu viel am Ende der Rhalata-Questline 



2019-07-16 18:01

administrator   ~0003061

It will be fixed in the next patch.

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