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0001298Enderal[All Projects] Balancingpublic2019-10-05 11:37
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Summary0001298: Gamebreaking time slow
DescriptionI'm playing a warrior with keeper and blade dancers talents. For some reason when I'm blocking enemies or when I reach low hp the time slows for the remainder of the battle.

I guess the keeper talents are bugged? I can't remember the names but there are talents to slow time when you are low hp and when you are blocking heavy attacks. This huge time slow happens for both occasions.

Its truly gamebreaking because I can god mode every fight. Enemies cant even hit back.
Steps To ReproduceEither block heavy attack or get yourself low hp so the talent procs. Save gave files are attached.
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has duplicate 0001043 closed Fast Reflexes: Zeitverlangsamung geht in Endlosschleife 



2019-03-16 08:07


quicksave.ess (3,921,667 bytes)
quicksave.ess.bak (3,921,589 bytes)
quicksave.skse (3,632 bytes)


2019-03-16 18:56

reporter   ~0002497

EDIT: 16.3 I cant get the bug working due restarting the game. Should I delete this bug report?


2019-10-05 11:37

reporter   ~0003222

This is happening for me also quite often and is annoying. Sometimes it just dissapears and sometimes it stays for minutes until i load an save before triggering that bug.

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