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Summary0001282: "Ritualist" affinity passive ability not working.
DescriptionThe ability you unlock with the "Ritualist" affinity is supposed to improve your apparition while you have summoned a creature. Although the message stating exactly this appears, no stat change is visible when inspecting your apparition. Either it is not displayed or it is not applied at all.

As described in this reddit post:

Aside from that the Class/Affinity is only called "Ritualist" in the magic effects - In the character overview (H) it says "Spectralisti" (sic).
Steps To ReproduceUnlock the "Ritualist" affinity -> Summon your apparition -> "Talk" to apparition, check Attributes -> Summon a creature -> Message appears, stating your apparition is strengthened. -> "Talk" to apparition, check Attributes -> No attribute change visible.
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duplicate of 0000804 assignedstuemper Ritualist Affinity doesn't work properly 


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