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0001279Enderal[All Projects] Worldpublic2019-03-25 06:10
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Summary0001279: Duplicate and misnamed Alchemy Effects
DescriptionWhen looking at the list of Alchemy Effects for Poisons there are inconsistencies in their naming and groupings.

Health has... Poison Damage, Damage Health and Damage Health
Stamina has... Damage Stamina, Drains Stamina (misspelled) and Damage Stamina Regeneration
Mana has... Damage Mana, Mana Damaged (misspelled) and Damage Mana Regeneration

I would expect each attribute to have a Damage Attribute, Drain Attribute and Damage Attribute Regeneration.

Looking at Health I can see Damage Health (Fish Eggs and Mora Tapinella). There is also Damage Health (Lichen, Rat Meat and Vatyr Eyeball). I would suspect that Poison Damage may need to be changed to Damage Health. One of the Damage Health is probably supposed to be Drain Health and the other is probably Damage Health Regeneration

For Stamina, only "Drains Stamina" needs renaming to Drain Stamina.

For Mana, one will be Damage Mana and the other should probably be Drain Mana.
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