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0001274Enderal[All Projects] Soundpublic2019-03-26 01:36
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Summary0001274: Patch update didn't fix my music issue
DescriptionI reported before that I was having an issue with my music not playing except on the startup screen. There was a fix for a similar issue that was put into the latest update but for some reason it hasn't worked for my game even when I started a new save. I even uninstalled and reinstalled but it still isn't working, and I did the removemusic thing which also didn't work. I'll upload my save files and hopefully it's an easy fix.
For now I have only included the latest save but if my older save is needed I can upload that too.
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has duplicate 0000996 closed Music will only play on start menu 



2019-03-12 18:16


Save 217 - Me Home Sweet Home 00.02.16.skse (3,099 bytes)
Save 217 - Me Home Sweet Home 00.02.16.ess (1,748,569 bytes)


2019-03-25 06:08

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The in-game audio works just fine on my side when I load your save. This very much looks like an issue that is caused by your PC setup.
1) Do you have any additional mods installed?
2) Did you verify your game files:


2019-03-25 21:01

reporter   ~0002627

Hi, sorry I took so long to reply. Anyway, no i dont have any additional mods, and how do I verify the game files? I've been on Steam support and they just keep trying to refer me to the game creators so yeah


2019-03-26 00:19

administrator   ~0002630

Click on the link I provided:


2019-03-26 01:36

reporter   ~0002632

Thanks, I'll give that a try and see what happens

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