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0001272Enderal[All Projects] Balancingpublic2019-03-25 05:55
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Summary0001272: armor sets spectralized on an apparition (phasmalism tree) don't always activate set bonus
DescriptionIf you use spectralization to equip an apparition with an armor set, the bonus that comes from that set sometimes activate, sometimes don't. They require multiple cycles of summoning/unsomming the apparition with the dedicated talent before attributes get adjusted accordingly. More thorough testing done here:

Since doing that testing, I've switched over to another save file and went through the spectralization process again with the same armor set plus some other unrelated items, and now no matter how many times I dismiss and summon the apparition, the set bonus don't appear correctly anymore.
Steps To ReproduceUse the phasmalism talent to summon an apparition with an armor set (ie, ratcatcher) equipped, check its attributes and note how it's a dice roll, on every summoning, wether set bonus effects take place or not
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2019-03-25 05:55

administrator   ~0002614

The normal enchantments on the armor pieces might work on apparitions but not the set bonuses since they are only intended for the player.

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