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0001213Enderal[All Projects] Questpublic2019-03-25 06:27
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Summary0001213: Blind Miner does not appear
DescriptionI have read the required book and crafted the Old Ban Totem, and going down to where the Blind Miner is supposed to appear, he inexplicably does not.
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2019-03-19 08:54

updater   ~0002543

Please attach your save!

You can move to him using the following command:
player.moveto 101ec11

I guess the Rhalaim in front of the dungeon got killed by him, so the old crime system teleported the miner into the Rhalata temple.


2019-03-25 06:27

administrator   ~0002620

Mhmm, the Rhalaim protection script triggers only when the player is the attacker.
Maybe OP is just confused because the blind miner got moved further down the dungeon.

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