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0001163Enderal[All Projects] Questpublic2019-06-24 16:51
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Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Summary0001163: Quest "The long way to the top" is broken
DescriptionIn the quest "The long way to the top" where you go to the end of old garagatha to kill some mushrooms and are confronted by a character at the end. Apparently he is supposed to die via script and then you get a key, but he seems to be stuck and is invincible, so i can't do anything about it. This seems to happen every time, at least for me, which makes the quest impossible to complete.
Steps To Reproduce-Start the quest
-Confront the guy in front of the ruin
-Explore the ruin until the very end
-Kill the mother mushroom
-Speak with the guy
-He threatens to kill himself
-not profit
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2019-03-05 17:01

administrator   ~0002371

Please attach a save before the bug happens. Saves consist of .ess and .skse and are located in Documents\my games\Enderal\saves\


2019-03-25 05:50

administrator   ~0002612

Will we get any kind of feedback here?


2019-06-24 16:51

administrator   ~0003007

No feedback, no save, not reproducible. Closed.

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