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Summary0001152: Ghost Companion (Simael The Reasearcher) refuses to use spells
DescriptionThis happened after I back to using him, and this time now he wont use any spells at all.
I can't reasonably continue playing until i can get him to aid me in combat.
I paid to put spell books on him like in the screen shot but no idea how to get him to start using them again.
Thanks for your time.
Steps To ReproduceI cant fix it, he refuses to cast any spells.
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has duplicate 0001497 closed Phasmalist: Seelen wirken keine Magie 



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I see what the problem ist, the apparitions don't have high enough actor values to be allowed to use high rank spells.
I can obly think of two ways to solve this:
1) Give all apparitions 100 actor value in all the magic schools
2) Duplicate every spell and magic effect (what could go wrong) and adjust the minimum required skill level in all newly dupplicated magic effects to 0. And then when the apparition "learns" a spell, it needs to be swapped to the new corresponding spell that was just created for the apparition and uses the new magic effects.

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