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0001086Enderal[All Projects] Questpublic2019-07-08 00:15
ReportersaaaaameAssigned Togavrant 
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Summary0001086: Quest: The Word of the Dead, pyrean memory sequence.
DescriptionWhen in the Pyrean's memory in the "The Word of the Dead" quest I encountered a bug.

Upon entering the family house and being locked into the movement/"cutscene" sequence my character stopped moving in the living/dining room, as expected, but the brother failed to start dialogue or get up out of his seat. I waited a while to see if anything would happen and it would not.

I reloaded a save from before entering the house and went through the sequence again and that time it worked flawlessly.

I reloaded from that save and ran it through the sequence a few more times, I was able to get it to reproduce once however it was seemingly random in when it occurred.
Steps To ReproduceReloading the save and running through the sequence again.

However it seems to occur randomly as far as I could tell.
TagsMain Quest



2019-03-01 14:29

reporter   ~0002289

I will attach a save file from before the bug occurs when I get chance.

However, this will be in about 4 hours time.


2019-03-25 05:25

administrator   ~0002609

So, do we get any feedback or saves here or is this issue abandoned?


2019-07-03 02:06

administrator   ~0003019

Maybe fixed in the next patch.

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