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0001042Enderal[All Projects] Scriptpublic2019-09-09 18:53
ReporterHerculezAssigned Tostuemper 
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Summary0001042: Can't use phasmalist-table in private housing
DescriptionWhile using the phasmalist table in a bought house the conjured person is immediately dieing and only raising my arcance fever. I'm not able to make any adjustments to him.
Steps To ReproduceOnly tested with the german version and not with the marketplace building/only with the expensive house. But it doesnt matter if you use the premade furniture or place the phasmalist table yourself.
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has duplicate 0001575 closed Phasmalist workbench in bought house is bugged 
related to 0001088 assignedstuemper [BUG] Arcane Table placeable is buggy 



2019-02-27 09:20

reporter   ~0002222

Only way to make it useable for now is if you summon the soul yourself before using the table.


2019-03-01 19:20

reporter   ~0002299

Same issue in the english version. Happens in either Ark home.


2019-08-28 23:57

reporter   ~0003191

Seems to be a timing issue. It's like the apparition is being created & removed too quickly, resulting in it disappearing with 0 health.
Similarly, I saw this while using a Myrad (I have the perk which allows the apparition to exist in towns). I took a Myrad in Ark South to Frostcliff Tavern while my apparition was OUT. He was returned, and I received 6% Arcane fever as though he was killed.


2019-09-09 18:53

reporter   ~0003195

It's probably because Cell Player House is a member of the Location "CapitalCity".
There is the keyword "_00E_Phasmlist_NoSummonLocationTown".
In my mod "Look through the windows while in playerhouse" I have created my own Location for the Playerhouse (without this keyword) and it works.

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