Best Fan Creation 2016
The Game Awards // Enderal
Editors' Choice
PC Games // Enderal
Award for Special Atmosphere
Gamestar // Enderal
Best Upcoming Mod of the Year 2014
"Players all over the World voted Enderal the best Upcoming Modification 2014"
Best Developer of the Year 2010
"SureAI is SURE known for making fantastic singleplayer mods (heh). With the latest release being the fantastic Nehrim: At Fate's Edge which is both huge in scope and content." -
Best Singleplayer Mod of the Year 2010
"Amazing, polished and engaging. Nehrim is the new king of Oblivion mods!" - Dave Traeger ModDB
Best Mod of the Year 2010
"Nehrim is so impressive that it was a contender not just for best mod, but for best RPG." - PC Gamer
Top Ten most influential mods of all time
"Nehrim is a true total conversion, changing everything from the leveling system through to the setting and lore. In many ways what resulted was an experience even better than the original game, something often attempted but rarely achieved." - PC Powerplay


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