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» 18.11.2014 16:05
Nevigo Showcase

Hello everyone,

As some of you might already know, we're using Articy Draft, a gamedesign/storywriting-tool from Nevigo since the early stages of development.

Recently, they've interviewed us about the experiences we made with Articy, and published a little showcase on their blog, which can be read here. Those who look carefully enough might even spot some new screenshots!

Once again, a big thanks to Nevigo, who sold us their software for special conditions and thus facilitate the development progress a lot! :)

All the best,


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» 04.11.2014 12:36
An update, chapter six and northern melodies


A lot has happened recently. Thanks to both dedicated and skilled growth in our team (A UI-Programmer, an animation artist, and a new scripter), we're finally able to reach the level of professional quality we were aiming for from the start. And you can look forward to a load of new video-updates, demonstrating new features, in the next year.

PR has fallen a little short lately, as you've probably already noticed. This is due to the fact that we simply need every free minute we can get to work on Enderal. Nonetheless we've prepared some new material, which will hopefully sweeten the waiting for you.

First of all, the sixth chapter of the "Butcher" has been proofread and translated. For your information: The "authors draft" of the entire book has already been finished, and covers around 250 real-life book-pages. And since many people have asked by now: Yes, you will be able to trace Jaél Tannerssons story in the game, too. Though it is not yet set in stone how complex this side-quest will be.

Secondly, we've prepared two new soundtracks for you. "Frostlanze" ("Frost lance" in English) will acoompany you in the Frostcliff mountains. The same goes for "Nordwinde" ("Northern winds"), which can also be heard at night-time throughout your journeys.


» 03.10.2014 12:47

Two brand-new samples from Enderals interior-design. :)



Kind regards,


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» 19.09.2014 11:26
Some pictures from the dev-week

Hello everyone,

For those of you interested, here are some pictures taken at the SureAI dev week in september. :thumbsup:


All the best,


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» 23.08.2014 17:51
Enderal Exploration Teaser - Frostcliff Mountains

“The Northwind Mountains are a region situated in the far north of Enderal. Though being inhospitable due to their extreme cold and perilous fauna – Lost Ones, Frost Myrads and Glacier elementals, only to mention a few -, they used be well-travelled in the past. This fact was due to the Northwind-mines, where the valuable Northwind rocks were mined, which are rumored to be close to indestructible, thus making them a highly sought-after material for the construction of castles, treasure chambers and fortresses. After the closing of the mines, however, the region was left abandoned, leaving behind ghost villages and dangerous, semi-collapsed mineshafts, which still attract adventurers and treasure hunters. […]"
Lexil Merrum,
High Arcanist of the Holy Order

All the best,

» 30.07.2014 10:48
Words on the devblog, the bard-system and the Butcher

Well met,

many of you might wonder, what happened to the devblog since we released the first episode a year ago. The answer is relatively simple: We simply haven't found the time yet. Since July 2013 we continously started to write new episodes and capture new footage, but due to the fact that the schedules of those who are capable of doing the devblog knowledge-wise are way too loaded, it simply never happened. And, lamentably enough, if we have to choose between PR and the overall quality and process of the project, we choose the latter. :(

However, a collaboration with a Let's Player is in prospect. So - no promises here -, there might be a new episode coming pretty soon.

Today, we want to introduce a feature which has been in the works since the early stages of development: The bard-system. Aside from several new instrumental lute and flute-pieces, we work closely with our lector and composer, Holomay to compose bard-songs which can be heard on several occasions ingame. The objective here isn't simply to make the songs beautiful, but to also have them transport lore and the Endralean culture in general. There will be drinking songs, romantic ballads, songs about myths and legends, and religious songs.

In the English version of Enderal, all of the songs will be sung by a professional, English-speaking singer. Unfortunately, the English version of the song we'd like to present today hasn't been finished yet, but it will, soon. For now, some of you might enjoy it nonetheless. :)

A big thanks to Frank, Britta (The German singer) and Jocelyn (The English singer). Without you, this feature would not be possible!

For those of you who like to read, the fifth chapter of the Butcher of Ark has also been proofread and can be read here.

All the best!

» 24.07.2014 11:51

"Our ancient fathers are out there somewhere, Prophet... He can sense it. And one day we will find them." - Kurmai


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» 22.06.2014 17:31
Loading-Screen Mockup...

... with no guarantees. Let's just hope it all works out like we hope it will!


All the best,


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» 08.06.2014 16:05
Enderal Exploration Teaser - Heartland

The "Heartland" is the most commonly used name to describe the densely wooded region in the middle of Enderal. It is home both to Ark, the majestic capital city of the country, as well as to several highly-travelled
trade routes connecting Enderals villages and trade-posts. Awry oaktrees and tall scot pines provide for a dense vegetation, and both small and big rivers weave their way through the winding thickets. From time to time,
the daring traveller might find an old crypt or an old ruin, the latter most likely an abandoned trade post from the times of the "Isolation".

- Archmagister Lexil Merrum, Enzyclopedia Endralea

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